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Terms and Conditions

Please read the Universal terms of use of the products, software, services and the website Browsetown.com. The Universal terms of use, including the additional terms, are a legislation law commitment between you and Browsetown.com in terms of usage of the services.

It is important that you read them carefully.

Additional term of use


Browsetown.com is a website, providing a service for checking timetables, maps, schedules, journey planners, times and routemaps. Using the service doesn’t require a user registration and it is free.

Copyright on the content on Browsetown.com belongs to their authors and Browsetown.com reserves the right to use the published information in Browsetown.com for their own needs, including advertising or other commercial purpose.

Users of Browsetown.com agree that Browsetown.com is not responsible for the content and the validity of the published in the website information.

Browsetown.com does not bear any responsibility in case of loss of information or an inability to keep the information entered by users of the site.



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